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>> Friday, June 11, 2010

Hey everyone! I've been really sporadic about my posts on here, and the other 2 blogs. Have no fear, I'm not burning out already, and I haven't been ill. I'm visiting my family, and our church here has been doing a week-long marriage conference.

Now contrary to popular belief, you don't have to have an endangered marriage to attend a conference. And isn't it better to learn how to protect your marriage before there's an issue, rather than after? I took my first step in getting ahead of the game when I read Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages. When this conference came up, I got excited! For starters, I love our pastor, but I thought it was awesome that a marriage conference was the week before my anniversary.

So to make up for the inconsistent posts, I'll be participating in a 30 Day post that's been making rounds amongst the military spouses. (Who will be credited on the 1st of those posts. :) )

Speaking of military spouses. I ran across an awesome blogging community at Household 6 Diva. She's got it broken down between military spouses, and military supportive. Check her out, she also has a great article on OPSEC & PERSEC.

Welcome to our love Coffee Girls!!!!! What are you drinking today? :)

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