Somewhere Out There

>> Monday, May 31, 2010

 Somewhere out there, reveille has played, and someone's day has begun.

Somewhere out there, a Mom is praying over her child as they are being trained to be quicker, stronger, and more disciplined.

 Somewhere out there, a wife is praying that her husband will make it home safely.

Somewhere out there, a mortar has just exploded, and everyone's relieved that it didn't actually hit anything.

Somewhere out there, a husband will tell his wife he loves her, don't worry &  he'll be home soon. Those will be the last words he says to her.

Somewhere out there, a woman has just realized she will never see her children grow up, because she's just been shot.

Somewhere out there, the honor guard has just handed a grieving spouse a folded American flag, while thanking them for their sacrifice.

Somewhere out there, someone is placing flags on the graves of soldiers from battles past.

Somewhere out there, a family is celebrating Memorial day, because they truly understand what this holiday is all about.

Please leave a comment and tell me how you're celebrating today! To military families who know where their family, take this moment to thank God for their safety. To those who don't know where they are, please tell us so we can lift you up in support & prayer. To those of you who have lost your military member, our prayers go out to you, and a big warm hug. Thank you.

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7 Quick Takes Friday #4/Catch Up Coffee Girls

>> Saturday, May 29, 2010

Well Coffee Ladies, and Friday followers, welcome all! It's been a little while since I had the presence of mind to post on a Friday, but I want to try and remedy that! I would have posted earlier, but this has been an insane week.

My Mom & I met up with our attorney yesterday, which is one reason I've been distracted. The antagonists have both been served, and we're geared to go. Hopefully I'll have my precious Jewel back soon. Pray hard!

Memorial Day weekend has me thinking about the military. Which makes me think of Gunlover.  I miss him tremendously when he's overseas. We have a little over 4 months until he comes home. We decided to take Jewel's birthday, my birthday, his birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day & our anniversary and just have one whale of a party when he comes home.

I'm plugging away at medical transcriptions training, and I might be insane. I've decided to add medical editor and medical coding to my training workload. Then I want to take the CCS, which is the Certified Coding Specialist exam, which can boost the amount of money you can make. That's a $300 test! I'll have to work on that.
 I'm having a blast working on my 3rd blog. I have on with my husband, and we're enjoying have that to play around with in his absence. Then I've got the latest one, my review blog. So far I've reviewed a blogging service, several books, and tonight I got to review a movie! :) Now I just need to think of more things to blog.

Speaking of my 3rd blog, I'm starting to settle into a routine. Now I just need to get better at visiting other blogs and meeting other bloggers. That and working Twitter into the mix. I'm still learning all about how it works, and how to best utilize it.

Well I hope everyone has a lovely Memorial Day weekend. To the military spouses whose blogs I've discovered, I hope you have an especially wonderful weekend. I hope your spouses are safe, wherever they may be. Everyone, please comment & let me know what your weekend plans are! :)


Top Ten {Tuesday}: Top Ten Reasons Babies Are Fun :)

>> Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello SpitPyro's!!! If you are wonderfully observant, you will have noticed that this is a Tuesday post, and today is no longer Tuesday. If you are not wonderfully observant, don't feel bad, obviously I'm not either. My days are so crazy lately, that I completely forgot about linking up with ohamanda for Top Ten {Tuesday}. I would be at peace about this, but I know all you other Moms out there are so tremendously organized, focused and on track that you have never forgotten what day it is....right? I think I hear your hysterical laughter in the distance. Advance warning: It is 6:40 am here...I should have been asleep hours ago, but my daughter (7 weeks) decided to be fussy tonight. So here I sit. You can attempt to blame any insanity below on my lack of sleep, but sadly I'm this crazy on a fully rested day as well.

1. That often discussed, and oh-so-wonderful (hey amanda, it's an oh thing! lol) baby smell.
Babies all have a uniquely beautiful smell....unless of course their diaper is less than fresh, in which case the smell is not beautiful at all, but still very unique. Incidentally "unique" is sort of how "you stink" comes out threw a pinched nose. Coincidence?

2. Little fingers & toes.
It never ceases to fill me with wonder that their fingers and toes are sooooo tiny! I love seeing her fingers wrapped around mine. It's amazing to me that God created such delicate things, with such a strong grip!

3. Fuzzy shoulders and back.
What would be highly disturbing on just about any other age, is adorable on a baby. Fine, soft fuzz covering their backs and/or shoulders. And sometimes, like my daughter, they have fuzzy ears too.

4. Baby clothes of all shapes and sizes.
Baby clothes are awesome for many reasons. They're mega-tiny. Baby shoes are nearly useless, but too cute to pass up. They can be bought brand new for under $5!

5. More about baby clothes.
Babies can get away with so many things that would be hideous on grown-ups. Rhumba tights! (Which for those of you who don't know what that is...*cough*men*cough* those would be the ultra-girly tights with the ruffles on the butt. For that matter...anything with ruffles on the butt only looks cute on babies. Bubble dresses...most of us grown women don't want that much extra fabric around our hips, but babies can do anything.

6. Baby noises...most of them.
From cooing, to laughing, to random musical babbling, baby noises are the best background ever. And if it's a boy baby, it could be the most meaningful conversation you'll have with that child for the first 15 years of his life. :)  Then there's the fitful whimpers, and 3am screaming that's not so fun. But the baby laughter makes it all worth it.

7. Drool.
Okay this is one only a parent can understand. Drool is cute on babies. See? Another thing that only the little ones can get away with. Drool on anyone older is just plain wrong. But babies drooling all over the place is hilarious and cute. I know at least one of you just read this, and is positive that I'm suffering from sleep deprivation, but I stand by it!

8. Snuggling pros!
 For anyone who likes to snuggle, babies will be your best friend. They have it down to an art. A baby who isn't capable of rolling over, crawling or other form of locomotion, will still somehow scooch their way across the bed to get to you. They love to be close.

9. Gummy sleepy baby smiles.Baby smiles are awesome all on their own. But the sweet, sleepy, gummy smiles that they give you in their sleep, right before they sleep, and when they first wake up, are the cream of the crop. Those smiles are priceless and just can't be beat!

10. Look at that! Any further explanation needed?


One of my best friends

>> Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This month Tiffany at Bloggy Moms posted a Blog Challenge for the month. Pick a friendship and blog about it. I could blog about nearly any member of my family, and I would be on topic. I chose a member outside of my family though. :)

I won't reveal her name, in case she doesn't want her name given out. For the purpose of this blog, I'll call her Brooke. I've used that name when talking about her in other locations, so she'll know who I mean. I met her when I was 16. I'll be 25 this year, and we're still friends. We're not a typical long term friendship...I haven't known her since kindergarten, and she's not just 5 minutes from me.

I met her at a church my then boyfriend took me to. She was a lot different than me...dressed very trendy, had a spunky attitude...I had my own unique way of dressing, and my attitude at the time verged more on rebellious than spunky at the time. She went places and did things, and from my home in TX, the farthest I'd been was....Oklahoma & New Mexico.

Since we met, she introduced me to new worlds...I got to see the Dove Awards 2x, and from there I was introduced to what was then called the Seminar In the Rockies. She got me to try coffee multiple times, trying to find one I'd like. My wardrobe added some trendier pieces to it's eclectic collection.

Later on, I had a bad marriage, and didn't see much of her. Even further on down the road, I joined the military and saw even less of her. But every time I came home, it was like we had just seen each other 2 days ago. We'd have tons of catching up to do, but there wasn't any awkwardness.

Now I'm out of the military, but I'm still a military spouse. I live in Georgia, many miles away from her, but thanks to the Internet & text messages we can keep in constant contact. And thanks to an odd craving during one of my pregnancies, we can now enjoy coffee together when I come home.


Seeing Like A Man

>> Sunday, May 23, 2010

Recently, I got into a discussion with my Mom about self-image vs. how our husbands see us. I hope you have husband like we have. I really do. You see, my ex-husband wasn't like that them. Not only did he not discourage my view of myself, his view was worse.

My Dad calls his house from work, and asks to talk to "that hot woman." My Mom does what many women out there do...she rolls her eyes and tells him she hasn't seen one, but she'll be sure to keep an eye out. My husband, when I ask for an opinion on what I'm wearing, says I look beautiful, no matter what the outfit is. They sincerely see us as beautiful, no matter what. Big & pregnant, dealing with post-pregnancy belly-sag, sick with the flu...their opinion doesn't change.

How about yours? I know mine does. I have days where I manage to find the shirt that drapes perfectly to disguise the post-pregnancy belly, and I get my makeup just right, and the planets align just so, and I feel gorgeous. Then there's the other 364 days of the year, where I think I look just plain blah. But it occurs to me, in doubting our own beauty, we unintentionally insult at least 2 people.

Your husband is one. Just hear me out. Your husband loves you right? Chose to be with you for life? He thinks you're the most beautiful woman out there. When you think of yourself as ugly, or plain, or whatever your adjective of choice, you're subconsciously saying that you think he has bad taste. After all, he chose you, and you're not he must just be crazy right?

The other, is our heavenly Father. He created you on purpose, for a purpose. He thinks of you as not only beautiful, but precious. By all means, workout, eat right, learn how to do your makeup right for your face, wear clothes that are appropriate for you & make you feel fabulous, but do not look in the mirror and despair. Remember how He feels about you, and make an effort to feel that way about yourself.

You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in  you. - Song of Solomon 4:7 (ESV)


Top Ten {Tuesday}: Ten Reasons Homeschooling Rocks!

>> Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1. If a student needs extra help with a subject, the teacher has enough time to do so.
With the public schools being overcrowded, it's good to know that at least some schools have students receiving the proper encouragement to make it through difficult subjects.

2. You can have pajama day whenever you want to.
You're in your living room, den, study, long as the work gets done, who cares?

3. No school violence.
Unless you count  the latest sibling rivalry....

4. No shoes!
When the teacher doesn't wear shoes, it's really hard for the principal to enforce the "Shoes at School" policy.

5. A quality education for all involved.
You can read story after story of homeschool students who excel at testing, bees, college exams, etc. But it's not just the students...the teacher gets to relearn and in some cases learn things for the first time. And unlike a public education system, the teacher is learning in all subjects, because she teaches them all.

6. Anything is a learning experience.
Playing in the park becomes a botany lesson. Shopping becomes a  math lesson (budgeting & finances). Cooking lunch is home economics. And pounding your younger brother totally counts for PE right??

7. The subjects can all be inter-woven.
When I went through school, my Mom wound all the subjects together so they made more sense. The secular history was blended with church history, so you could see the effect they had on each other. American history & world history were connected as well. Did you know some of Mozart's finest works were composed during the American Revolution? You do now!

8. It's just fun to make fun of public schools.
I know it's wrong, but admit it! If you're homeschooled, you do/did it too. Anytime someone does something patently idiotic, you can blame their "quality" education. :) (If you're reading this and you were public schooled, we tease you in love! My husband was publicly educated, his dad was a teacher, as was my grandmother.)

9. The look of surprise on peoples faces.
When you launch into some amazingly detailed explanation on whatever topic is being discussed, and they ask in amazement "Where did you go to school?" Homeschoolers have a bad reputation sometimes. For every crop of homeschoolers that's kicking butt at the spelling bees, there's a random bad parent pretending to homeschool so they can abuse their child under the radar. Which one makes the national news the most?

10. When the principal sleeps with the're getting a new classmate!!!!


Nights of a Military Wife

>> Monday, May 17, 2010

It's 0130 EST, and I'm wide awake...I'm watching him sleep. I know that probably sounds really creepy to most of you, but let me explain. We've been married less than a year....June we'll hit that mark. He's been gone since October, except for a brief return in April for Bunny's birth. Even in the brief time I had him, I grew used to the sounds of someone in my bed. It comforts me to wake up and still be able to see him "next" to me, and hear him breathing.

I thank God for the person who invented Skype. If it wasn't for it, none of the above would be possible. But because of them, even though he's a 14 hour flight away, I can see & hear him on a daily basis. It makes the year a little more tolerable. My  heart goes out to the women who's husbands are deployed to less technologically set-up locations. I know how that must hurt to not be able to hear from them more often. My neighbor gets a periodic phone call. I know my day is coming when I'll have to deal with that scenario, but meanwhile I'm grateful for the communication we have shared for our first year of marriage.


Branching Out SpitFire Style

>> Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hey Everyone!
I don't know if I've been missed or not, but here's what's been going on. I've been trying to get my daughter back for approximately 4 years now. I've had conflict after conflict, and finally early this year, I was able to find an attorney I could afford. We've been getting closer & closer to getting her back, and now I'm days away from the antagonist being served with papers informing her of a court date.

Meanwhile I'm plugging away at my medical transcriptionist training. I've decided to add the "medical editor" add-on. And then strongly considering taking medical coding training afterwards. I'll have a triumvirate of in-home careers that I can do.

Inspired by Redhead Riter, I've decided that I'll start at least one more blog, and it (or they) will be more focused. I've started a review blog that you can check out at Fiery-Reviews. We'll see what more comes out down the road.

I hope y'all check it out, and I hope y'all let me know what you think about it. :) Keep me & Jewel in your prayers, and pray for a swift reunion.

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