Nights of a Military Wife

>> Monday, May 17, 2010

It's 0130 EST, and I'm wide awake...I'm watching him sleep. I know that probably sounds really creepy to most of you, but let me explain. We've been married less than a year....June we'll hit that mark. He's been gone since October, except for a brief return in April for Bunny's birth. Even in the brief time I had him, I grew used to the sounds of someone in my bed. It comforts me to wake up and still be able to see him "next" to me, and hear him breathing.

I thank God for the person who invented Skype. If it wasn't for it, none of the above would be possible. But because of them, even though he's a 14 hour flight away, I can see & hear him on a daily basis. It makes the year a little more tolerable. My  heart goes out to the women who's husbands are deployed to less technologically set-up locations. I know how that must hurt to not be able to hear from them more often. My neighbor gets a periodic phone call. I know my day is coming when I'll have to deal with that scenario, but meanwhile I'm grateful for the communication we have shared for our first year of marriage.

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