Top Ten {Tuesday}: Ten Reasons Homeschooling Rocks!

>> Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1. If a student needs extra help with a subject, the teacher has enough time to do so.
With the public schools being overcrowded, it's good to know that at least some schools have students receiving the proper encouragement to make it through difficult subjects.

2. You can have pajama day whenever you want to.
You're in your living room, den, study, long as the work gets done, who cares?

3. No school violence.
Unless you count  the latest sibling rivalry....

4. No shoes!
When the teacher doesn't wear shoes, it's really hard for the principal to enforce the "Shoes at School" policy.

5. A quality education for all involved.
You can read story after story of homeschool students who excel at testing, bees, college exams, etc. But it's not just the students...the teacher gets to relearn and in some cases learn things for the first time. And unlike a public education system, the teacher is learning in all subjects, because she teaches them all.

6. Anything is a learning experience.
Playing in the park becomes a botany lesson. Shopping becomes a  math lesson (budgeting & finances). Cooking lunch is home economics. And pounding your younger brother totally counts for PE right??

7. The subjects can all be inter-woven.
When I went through school, my Mom wound all the subjects together so they made more sense. The secular history was blended with church history, so you could see the effect they had on each other. American history & world history were connected as well. Did you know some of Mozart's finest works were composed during the American Revolution? You do now!

8. It's just fun to make fun of public schools.
I know it's wrong, but admit it! If you're homeschooled, you do/did it too. Anytime someone does something patently idiotic, you can blame their "quality" education. :) (If you're reading this and you were public schooled, we tease you in love! My husband was publicly educated, his dad was a teacher, as was my grandmother.)

9. The look of surprise on peoples faces.
When you launch into some amazingly detailed explanation on whatever topic is being discussed, and they ask in amazement "Where did you go to school?" Homeschoolers have a bad reputation sometimes. For every crop of homeschoolers that's kicking butt at the spelling bees, there's a random bad parent pretending to homeschool so they can abuse their child under the radar. Which one makes the national news the most?

10. When the principal sleeps with the're getting a new classmate!!!!

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