7 Quick Takes Friday #4/Catch Up Coffee Girls

>> Saturday, May 29, 2010

Well Coffee Ladies, and Friday followers, welcome all! It's been a little while since I had the presence of mind to post on a Friday, but I want to try and remedy that! I would have posted earlier, but this has been an insane week.

My Mom & I met up with our attorney yesterday, which is one reason I've been distracted. The antagonists have both been served, and we're geared to go. Hopefully I'll have my precious Jewel back soon. Pray hard!

Memorial Day weekend has me thinking about the military. Which makes me think of Gunlover.  I miss him tremendously when he's overseas. We have a little over 4 months until he comes home. We decided to take Jewel's birthday, my birthday, his birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day & our anniversary and just have one whale of a party when he comes home.

I'm plugging away at medical transcriptions training, and I might be insane. I've decided to add medical editor and medical coding to my training workload. Then I want to take the CCS, which is the Certified Coding Specialist exam, which can boost the amount of money you can make. That's a $300 test! I'll have to work on that.
 I'm having a blast working on my 3rd blog. I have on with my husband, and we're enjoying have that to play around with in his absence. Then I've got the latest one, my review blog. So far I've reviewed a blogging service, several books, and tonight I got to review a movie! :) Now I just need to think of more things to blog.

Speaking of my 3rd blog, I'm starting to settle into a routine. Now I just need to get better at visiting other blogs and meeting other bloggers. That and working Twitter into the mix. I'm still learning all about how it works, and how to best utilize it.

Well I hope everyone has a lovely Memorial Day weekend. To the military spouses whose blogs I've discovered, I hope you have an especially wonderful weekend. I hope your spouses are safe, wherever they may be. Everyone, please comment & let me know what your weekend plans are! :)

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