Somewhere Out There

>> Monday, May 31, 2010

 Somewhere out there, reveille has played, and someone's day has begun.

Somewhere out there, a Mom is praying over her child as they are being trained to be quicker, stronger, and more disciplined.

 Somewhere out there, a wife is praying that her husband will make it home safely.

Somewhere out there, a mortar has just exploded, and everyone's relieved that it didn't actually hit anything.

Somewhere out there, a husband will tell his wife he loves her, don't worry &  he'll be home soon. Those will be the last words he says to her.

Somewhere out there, a woman has just realized she will never see her children grow up, because she's just been shot.

Somewhere out there, the honor guard has just handed a grieving spouse a folded American flag, while thanking them for their sacrifice.

Somewhere out there, someone is placing flags on the graves of soldiers from battles past.

Somewhere out there, a family is celebrating Memorial day, because they truly understand what this holiday is all about.

Please leave a comment and tell me how you're celebrating today! To military families who know where their family, take this moment to thank God for their safety. To those who don't know where they are, please tell us so we can lift you up in support & prayer. To those of you who have lost your military member, our prayers go out to you, and a big warm hug. Thank you.

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