Top Ten {Tuesday}: Top Ten Reasons Babies Are Fun :)

>> Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello SpitPyro's!!! If you are wonderfully observant, you will have noticed that this is a Tuesday post, and today is no longer Tuesday. If you are not wonderfully observant, don't feel bad, obviously I'm not either. My days are so crazy lately, that I completely forgot about linking up with ohamanda for Top Ten {Tuesday}. I would be at peace about this, but I know all you other Moms out there are so tremendously organized, focused and on track that you have never forgotten what day it is....right? I think I hear your hysterical laughter in the distance. Advance warning: It is 6:40 am here...I should have been asleep hours ago, but my daughter (7 weeks) decided to be fussy tonight. So here I sit. You can attempt to blame any insanity below on my lack of sleep, but sadly I'm this crazy on a fully rested day as well.

1. That often discussed, and oh-so-wonderful (hey amanda, it's an oh thing! lol) baby smell.
Babies all have a uniquely beautiful smell....unless of course their diaper is less than fresh, in which case the smell is not beautiful at all, but still very unique. Incidentally "unique" is sort of how "you stink" comes out threw a pinched nose. Coincidence?

2. Little fingers & toes.
It never ceases to fill me with wonder that their fingers and toes are sooooo tiny! I love seeing her fingers wrapped around mine. It's amazing to me that God created such delicate things, with such a strong grip!

3. Fuzzy shoulders and back.
What would be highly disturbing on just about any other age, is adorable on a baby. Fine, soft fuzz covering their backs and/or shoulders. And sometimes, like my daughter, they have fuzzy ears too.

4. Baby clothes of all shapes and sizes.
Baby clothes are awesome for many reasons. They're mega-tiny. Baby shoes are nearly useless, but too cute to pass up. They can be bought brand new for under $5!

5. More about baby clothes.
Babies can get away with so many things that would be hideous on grown-ups. Rhumba tights! (Which for those of you who don't know what that is...*cough*men*cough* those would be the ultra-girly tights with the ruffles on the butt. For that matter...anything with ruffles on the butt only looks cute on babies. Bubble dresses...most of us grown women don't want that much extra fabric around our hips, but babies can do anything.

6. Baby noises...most of them.
From cooing, to laughing, to random musical babbling, baby noises are the best background ever. And if it's a boy baby, it could be the most meaningful conversation you'll have with that child for the first 15 years of his life. :)  Then there's the fitful whimpers, and 3am screaming that's not so fun. But the baby laughter makes it all worth it.

7. Drool.
Okay this is one only a parent can understand. Drool is cute on babies. See? Another thing that only the little ones can get away with. Drool on anyone older is just plain wrong. But babies drooling all over the place is hilarious and cute. I know at least one of you just read this, and is positive that I'm suffering from sleep deprivation, but I stand by it!

8. Snuggling pros!
 For anyone who likes to snuggle, babies will be your best friend. They have it down to an art. A baby who isn't capable of rolling over, crawling or other form of locomotion, will still somehow scooch their way across the bed to get to you. They love to be close.

9. Gummy sleepy baby smiles.Baby smiles are awesome all on their own. But the sweet, sleepy, gummy smiles that they give you in their sleep, right before they sleep, and when they first wake up, are the cream of the crop. Those smiles are priceless and just can't be beat!

10. Look at that! Any further explanation needed?

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