The Ballad of Gunlover & SpitFire - Part 1

>> Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today's my anniversary, and I've been promising that I would tell our rather unique love story. I thought today was the perfect opportunity, and I've the title figured out for weeks. :) It's a hair long, as all good love stories are, so settle in and enjoy the ride, 'cause I sure have.

We've all heard stories of love at first sight. This is not one of those stories. When I first met him, I didn't even realize I met him. My friend & I were at the community center on base, and I left to go order pizza while she chatted with a buddy of hers. I came back to let her know when our order was up, and apparently that's when he saw me. That's right he saw me. I, I'm ashamed to admit, barely noticed him.

Later when my friend called me, she informed me that Gunlover had been asking about me. My response was a confused "Gunlover who?" She described him as the nerdy looking guy playing on the computer. Let me tell you, that really impressed me. Not! To further demolish his chances, she explained that he had been told he had no shot with me because he smoked. After my ex-husbands very disrespectful attitude towards my smoke sensitivity and later having asthmatic issues, I refused to be with a smoker again.

A few months later, I was wrapping gifts at the BX for an Air Force Sergeants Associate fundraiser. He came walking by, and out of nowhere asked me if I'd eaten. I hadn't, so he offered to go buy pizza...I should have known it would be love..he brought me back a certain green soda that loves Maryland's postal code. (Ha!) I didn't want to give him my phone number, so I gave him my MySpace info, and told him I'd be out of town for the holidays, but I'd talk to him when I got home.

Now this boy is not only persistent, he's genius! He used my MySpace information, to get my email address. From my email address, he found my Amazon wishlist and when I came home from Christmas leave, I had 2 presents in my mailbox. I was a little intrigued, but still didn't want to date him. He still smoked, and I wasn't sure about having anyone in my life so soon after the divorce.

My ex-husband ate me out of house & home, and my metabolism got very used to that. I had whole days that Gunlover would call to ask me when I'd eaten last, and I couldn't remember. When he realized that I wouldn't even notice being hungry, he started taking me to go eat after work, or coming over and cooking for me. (Yes ladies, he cooks!) The first time he took me out to eat, I broke down crying and had to excuse myself. He asked me for a date so many times, I was convinced he was going to do it again, and I didn't want to tell him no again. He was being so sweet to me, but I still didn't think he was for me.

Meanwhile I met a guy online (yeah I know....), who was a single Dad with a daughter around Jewel's age. And he too was going through an ugly court battle. We talked for several months, and eventually I decided to go visit him. I was going to fly, since he was on the other side of the country, and be with him on his birthday. The week before I was going to go see him, my grandmother passed away.

**I will continue tomorrow. :) I leave you with a picture from when we were hanging out as friends. (I don't know what is up with that mustache!) Love the short hair from my military days? lol

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