Big Bird, Little Brother

>> Thursday, June 17, 2010

This post is the 2nd of 15. We are writing our way through our youth over at Mommy's Piggy TALES. Check it out! :)

This post might have been executed better, if I'd asked my Mom to sit and think hard. As it was, I asked for a moment, before realizing she was trying to brainstorm her own past memories. Since my Mom has to do most of the remembering on her own, I thought I'd give it a shot. I couldn't come up with anything that was huge enough for a whole blog post, I decided to just do a list of the snippets I remember.

ASL - American Sign Language
When I was young, I had a poster on my bedroom wall of the American Sign Language alphabet. I not only learned it, I memorized it. One day, my Sunday School teacher decided to teach the class the alphabet. Unfortunately for her, she was signing one of the letters incorrectly. Even more unfortunately for her, I've never had much of a filter, and I had even less of one when I was that young. I imagine she was quite surprised to find out that one of her students already knew the alphabet...better than her.

I fooled everyone into thinking I could read. I had a book (my Mom is desperately trying to remember what it was, lol) about bears, that I had read sooo many times, that I had it memorized. Apparently I had it memorized so well, that I knew precisely where to turn the page and everything. Friends of Mom & Dads thought I could actually read it. 

Broken Foot
When I was about 3 years old, I took off running to my room, and caught my foot on the door jam. With true childhood resilience,  I jumped up and went to bed. The next morning I got out of bed, and hit the floor immediately. Overnight, my foot had swelled and turned the color of an eggplant. My Dad picked me up and they took me to the hospital. My Mom was pregnant and couldn't be in there with me, so she had to sit in the waiting room. She couldn't be with me, but she could hear me yell as they turned my foot for all the angles they needed for the x-rays. I'd fractured a bone in the top, so they put me in a walking boot, and told my Mom to keep me on the couch. I know I just heard all you Moms laughing hysterically. Yes he told her to keep an energetic toddler..on the couch!

Funeral Homes
When I was somewhere between 2-3 we lived atop a funeral home. My Dad is & has been a funeral director for years. Then when I was almost 5 we moved, and lived behind a different funeral home.

My first memory is actually from that first funeral home...I woke up one night convinced that God was using 2 flashlights to look for someone on Earth. I was really excited about it, until my Mom explained what spotlights pooper :D

Big Bird
We moved to the 2nd funeral home right before my 5th birthday, and I was convinced Mom would forget in the shuffle. She must have known exactly how I felt, because she gave me a birthday I've never forgotten. That night when I went to the dinner table, there was a cake shaped & decorated just like Big Birds head. Awesome!

Little Brother
The most memorable event from this time from was the birth of my brother, Enigma. I don't remember much, 
but I do remember seeing him wrapped in the blanket when they brought him home. My sister Princess was probably  too young  to think much about, but I was very excited.

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