Top Ten {Tuesday}: Ten Quirky Things About Me

>> Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Okay, it's time again for everyone to come up with a list of 10 things. It can be as random or as focused as you like. Then you link up at OhAmanda's and spread some linky love. This week, I'm doing 10 quirky things about me. Last week Buckhead Betty did 10 Quirky Things About Her, and asked everyone to leave something quirky in the comments. She thought mine was amusing and suggested that I make my own post on that subject. So here you go Betty..this ones for you. :)

1. French Fries
Ahh the one that started it all. If I eat French Fries, without fail I will get hiccups. Every. Single. Time.

2. I love, love pretty high-heeled shoes.
But I love, love, love going barefoot. So I compromise. If I'm at church, I keep them on for choir (required), and kick them off for the rest of the service. If I'm doing a concert, I keep them on for the first song or 2, apologize to the crowd and kick them off. (At which point I can longer stand behind a podium or pulpit, or I would become the mysterious voice from nowhere.)

3. I love painting my toenails, but I hate painting my fingernails.
Why? It's not that I'm anti fingernail painting. Quite to the contrary..I love my nails being painted, and I especially love painting fingernails...just not mine. I'm notoriously impatient, and while I can sit still long enough to paint someone elses (because I'm doing something), if I paint my nails I will end up munging the paint long before it's had opportunity to dry. However my toes do not go into pockets (very often), so they have more opportunity to dry. Besides only one person gets that close to my toes, and he knows better than to say anything.

4. I sing during anything and everything.
I sing during the shower. I sing while I'm dressing the baby. I sing while I'm watching not the commercial's...the actual show.

5. I prefer organic fruits and veggies, look for products that are BPA & phthalates free, use all natural cleaners...
But I will use a paper towel in a heartbeat, my babies wear disposable diapers, and I will wear leather like it's nobody's business. My apologies to the "Chik'n" loving cows, but Mama likes steak. :D

6. Speaking of singing, I was a hardcore, warrior Airman, proudly wearing my uniform..
And singing the Backyardigan's theme song while on shift...yessir I did my combat boots proud. And let's not even talk about Bob the Builder...

7. I spend nearly my entire day on the computer, doing medical transcripts, researching, talking to Gunlover...
And I will still forget to post to my blog!

8. I have the most eclectic fashion sense...
I have some gothic inspired pieces, and some cowgirl inspired pieces, and some rocker inspired pieces, and some preppy inspired pieces.....etc. I can combine a gothic top & western skirt, and completely rock it, because it suits me somehow. And I'm the only person I know who owns knee high, 5 inch heel, patent leather boots, and manages to not look like a drag queen.

9. I am an ADD pray-er. 
I set out all determined to be serious, dedicated and Godly. "Dear Lord, I come before you now..blah blah blah". Then something happens to distract me.."oh wait..I wonder if I turned the oven off". Guilt! "Sorry Lord..okay..I also wanted to pray over sister so-and-so..she's feeling sick." Another distraction.."oh speaking of sick, I wonder if so-and-so had their baby yet." Crap! I did it again!! "Sorry Lord...."

10.   Speaking of ADD, I have literally been pegged as borderline ADD & borderline OCD.
Of all the screwy combinations in the world, this is mine. Which explains my cleaning style..I start off fiercely scrubbing everything in the kitchen down. I run across a toy on the floor. I take the toy to the room, and while I'm there I see laundry that needs run. I get the laundry running and on the way back from the laundry room, I see trash overflowing in the bathroom..I take the trash to the kitchen to combine it with that trash, and suddenly remember what I was doing in the first place.

Alright now the fun really begins! What are you quirky 10 things? What are you favorite Crayola colors? Seriously these lists can be anything!!! Link it up, and I'll come check yours out. :)

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