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>> Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hello there! I'm SpitFire, and somehow you've stumbled across my corner of the world. Currently that corner is in Georgia where I'm waiting for my husband (Gunlover) to return from his tour in Korea. We have 2 beautiful daughters, Jewel & Bunny.

The life of a military spouse is one that requires flexibility & patience. With Gunlover periodically deployed, I needed something to help pass the time. When my Mom started blogging more frequently, it occurred to me that perhaps I should check into the world of blogs.

What started off slowly & painfully is quickly becoming an addiction. My blog is a narration of my journey to create a better life. It's not about the overall goal, but the little steps taken towards that goal.

My interests are numerous and diverse. I enjoy music, reading, learning random trivia, creating lists, and raising my daughters. I have a fondness for 80's music, and crime-solving TV shows (fictional).

Because of my multiple interests, and my generally random nature this blog will cover a variety of topics. They will all relate to my personal journey in one way or another however.

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