Long day....1 pocket accomplished..lol

>> Friday, February 19, 2010

Okay so technically I got a few things done today. Just felt like I got nothing done. We're military and currently at separate locations. He got stationed in Korea, while we got sent to his follow-on location in Georgia. I was given POA, and a set of his orders showing that we're assigned here, but I can't get anything done because heeee's not assigned here. Ugh!

So I fought with the housing office trying to get a waver for my utility deposit (which we are authorized, being military), but they wouldn't help because he won't be here until October. This also means that we're still getting the housing allotment for our old base, rather than for this base. This would be aggravating enough normally, but being pregnant, it really got on my nerves.

I did however get my library card, so I can start taking out the reading challenge (woot!), and I got my trash taken out (too bad I forgot today was trash day so it's not gone, just outside..lol). I learned that Security Forces on this base doesn't know where anything is, that base housing is a pain, and that pregnancy hormones really will make you cry at the slightest provocation...and that chicken nuggets can make you feel better no matter what..:)

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