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>> Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So, looking around this house, I have a lot of pockets I could do. After all, I'm still moving in. However, on top of the general weariness of moving, I've got a baby coming soon, and I've been sick. Yuck! So obviously, some days are better than others. Today is a not day.
I took some nighttime cold/sinus stuff last night, and when I woke up (coughing up everything that had been chilling while I slept) at 5 something in the morning, I felt so lousy I took another dose. Then my phone went off a few times early in the am, my doorbell rang with an unexpected package, and my husband called when he got back to his dorm in Korea. all that meant my sleep cycle was severely thrown off, so I didn't wake up until after noon sometime.
So today, I'm looking around, and I realize that even though it's one of the smallest pockets, one of the things that annoys me the most right now, is my Avon stash. I have several boxes of supplies, all of which are laying in my dining room floor, half of which are partly or fully emptied on to said floor. So today's project is to clean up that disaster, so that should someone need to make a purchase, or request a brochure, I can actually figure out where those items are. Pictures will be posted later.

As promised, the photos:
This is what it looked like before...scattered all over my dining room floor.

This is afterwards, when I neatly organized everything in my shrunk. Still in the dining room, but much neater. Now I just need customers. Speaking of customers, I was very more had I finished this project than my phone rang, with my first (non-family) customer!!! And because I had just organized this, I knew exactly where the correct brochure was, and was able to get this taken care of simply and easily.

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