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>> Monday, February 15, 2010

Okay, so I'm going to follow my Mom's suit (again!), and jump into some of these reading challenges. I need to start by getting a library card for my new location...ahh the joys of moving. So weather & health permitting, I'll go do that tomorrow, and then I'll come back and edit this list to show the books I've obtained.

I love that all these challenges can cross over each other! I should get a lot more reading done this year than I did last year..which is something I've wanted to get back to...I used to read a lot more, but the military kept me busy.

I'm going to participate in the following challenges:

100+ Reading Challenge: You just have to read 100 books by the end of the year.
Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge: There's multiple levels, but I'm aiming for Super Size Me, where you have to check out (and read) 100 books from the library by years end.
Speculative Fiction Reading Challenge: This includes fantasy, sci-fi, etc. The highest level only requires 24, and it crosses over with other challenges. :)
Young Adult Reading Challenge, as few as 12, or as many as 75.
Thriller & Suspense Challenge: I wasn't going to sign up, thinking I've probably got enough challenges already, but when I peeked and saw it only takes 12? Awww yeah...I'm a reading sucker.

Okay, here's the list of ones I've knocked out so far. All of the books qualify for the regular 100+ challenge. L means Library Challenge, SF means Speculative Fiction (ha could stand for Sci-Fi too), YA is the Young adult challenge, and T/S is the Thriller & Suspense.

What Not To Wear by Trinny Woodall & Susannah Constantine (L)
Style 101 by Editors of Style Magazine (L)
Blink of An Eye by Ted Dekker (awesome by the way!!!) (L, T/S)

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