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>> Monday, February 15, 2010

So today was my "figuring things out" day. I've been feeling icky today, and had a lot on my mind. I did sit down and figure out a room-by-room account of what needs done. While I go through the rooms, I'm going to figure out what small items need purchased for those rooms. I don't even mean decorative items, but necessary items that will improve quality of life, as well as make it easier to keep the room cleaned.

So for accountability, I've included the list of what needs done below. Then starting tomorrow, I'll attack the list, and I'll try to remember to take before/after pictures.

Jade's Room:
Unpack the boxes & put her clothes in the dresser.
Put the sheets on her bed.
Hang whatever decorations we currently have for her.

Baby's Room:
Unpack the boxes.
Set up the swing.

Living Room:
Clear the floor, especially the edges where clutter has collected.
Move the mirrors to the garage for now.
Declutter the shelves.
Take pictures of the fairies & put them up for sale.

Dining Room:
Clear the floor.
Move the boots from the shrunk, and put our pics/certificates on it.

Go through the last of the boxes.
Clear off the counters & clean them up.
Clean the fridge & microwave.
Rearrange the pantry.

Laundry Room:
Go through the big box of misc stuff.
Wipe down the washer/dryer.

Master Bedroom:
Fold/unpack/wash etc. the rest of the clothes, and put them away.
Clean up the desk, and bed shelves.
Take a picture of the bed, attempt to drain it, and put it up for sale.

Then I need to go through the house and mop all the hard floors, and vacuum all the carpet.

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