Update on my pockets :)

>> Friday, February 26, 2010

My pockets as of late, haven't been the stuff that makes very good pictures. :) Yesterdays pocket consisted of me getting all the unpacked moving boxes out of the house, and get them to the trash. I recently moved and my trash goes out on Friday. Unfortunately for the first few weeks, Friday was all I could remember, so I wasn't getting my trash out until, you guessed it, Friday. Which of course was too late. I finally got them out there last night, and when I woke up this morning, they were gone. Like magic. Yay!
Today's journey involved fixing my phone. I'm 35 weeks along, and my husband is in Korea, so I keep my cell phone near me at all times. Unfortunately, this led to my cell phone being accidentally knocked into the bathtub. Yuck! Thank God, I have insurance on it. But my new phone won't be here until Monday or Tuesday. Today I mourn the loss of my other arm, my lifeline, my boredom buster...okay so it's a little dramatic. It is however, my business number, so this is frustrating! Today, I had my doctors appointment, a visit to the cell phone store, just to discover that I needed to file an insurance claim on it, called the insurance provider, made the claim, contacted the customer care department of the printing service that screwed up my t-shirt I just purchased, and then I napped. Yep, that's right. Pregnancy kicked in, and as of 2 in the afternoon, I was pooped. So I slept, and now I'm up at midnight...wide awake. Oh the sleep cycles of the pregnant, and new mothers. We have fun!

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