Yay! Lots done!!!

>> Sunday, February 28, 2010

Okay, again today wasn't very exciting for visual stimuli, but I'm pleased with what I got done. I've had boxes sort of half unpacked in various rooms of the house. I got the living room cleaned up, the kitchen cleaned up, the dining room cleaned up, and the hallway. And let me tell you, each of those rooms brought their own challenge.

In cleaning the living room, I noticed how dirty the fireplace was, so I cleaned it out. I got ash all over my arms, and all over my clothes, lol. My first time cleaning out a fireplace, but it's done now!

When I cleaned up the dining room I found out that 2 of the plastic pegs holding up shelves in my shrunk, had broken, so now I need to evaluate the shelving and determine if I need to have less items on the shelves, or if I need to replace them with metal pegs. Or both, lol.

The kitchen I discovered that there were dishes that needed to be done, and my sink was in need of a good scrub. Now even Flylady would be impressed with my sink, lol. That was about as far as I ever made it with her anyway.

And then there's the hallway...okay so the hallway didn't really challenge me much. I just found out that I have more laundry to do..yay! Not. Oh well, on the bright side, I've done nearly everything left to do on the house, yesterday I did a massive laundry run. Now at nearly 36 weeks, I plan to nest. Chill at my house, and only my house. Except for those nuisance doctor appointments of course. :)

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