Standing On the Promises

>> Tuesday, March 2, 2010 has been a mess! And it was much for nesting, lol. I had to go deliver a batch of Avon goods (still hoping for more customers!), so while I was out and about, I figured I'd run by the store & grab some things I've been needing. Mostly office supplies..stapler, paperclips, etc. I wanted to buy a trashcan for the kitchen, and for the bathroom, but of course they were out of the size I needed for the bathroom, and somehow they had no lids for the kitchen trashcan I liked. Go figure!

I got paid by check, but my bank is in San Antonio. The store wouldn't cash personal checks, but I found out my bank has a nifty feature, where you scan the check, and tell them the balance of the check. Later they'll verify it by the picture you scanned, but the money was in the account immediately. Sweet!

I started printing out pictures for my new frames ($2.50 a piece!!), and in the process was inspired to rearrange the fireplace pictures, to the shrunk shelving, and put the new frames on the fireplace.

Then as if this wasn't a long enough day, running around all over the place, and rearranging things, but it was exhausting mentally. There's a situation we've been praying over. Yesterday a lady from my church called and prayed over it with me. She warned me to hang in there, and said that the enemy would be trying really hard for the next few weeks to convince me that things wouldn't work in our favor. Today was a big test. I was called by an antagonist in the situation, not once, not twice, but 3 times. It absolutely wore me out. So for grins, and to relax I decided to finally read my library books. I read the one about pastels, and even tried my hand at it. Behold...the masterpiece!

Okay, maybe not so is not my forte...looks a bit like a child's crayon Oh well, I felt much better once it was done. :)

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