Twist On Home Sanctuary Challenge

>> Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Well today's Home Sanctuary Challenge was to clean up your dresser. My dresser was cleaned off very recently, because it's where my hamster habitat sits. So I took it to my closet. I finished organizing my shoes, hung up all the clothes that I had unpacked, but not yet hung up, and finished organizing my accessories. Okay, so I love accessories. Don't be fooled by appearances though. It looks like I spend a ridiculous amount of money on purses, scarves, hats, & shoes...the reality? I love thrift stores. I never understood people who raved about spending $250 on a pair of jeans. I rave about finding a pair of jeans for $2.50. So, here's the proof my completed challenge. (Oh, and for the other half of the challenge, instead of lounging in my robe today, I got up, got dressed, put on a pretty sweater, threw in some earrings, and did my makeup. It gave me an excuse to test out the new Avon makeup I got in anyways. :) )

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