Patience & the Art of Remembering

>> Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my grandmother's passing. She was a wonderful woman...generous, honest, and a hard worker in God's service. Today I left a message on my Mom's Facebook wall. I reminded her that today didn't mark a year that she'd been absent from our lives, but rather it marked a whole year that she's been living in God's presence. I had to remind myself that several times throughout the day.

Today was also my due date...we were trying very hard to have this child today...something good to help extinguish the pain. I can tell right, it's not going to would have to be the world's quickest labor at this point. And although I'm having contractions off & on...what are the odds of having a child in less than an hour? Not that good. So this child will be born in her own time.

In a way this whole day has been a reminder of God's perfect timing. We didn't think it was Grandmother's time. But He must have had a reason. We did nearly everything short of a medical induction (which I refuse to have), to have this child today...but neither she nor God thought today was right. And although I secretly suspect that God's sense of humor will come into play and we'll have an April Fool's baby, there is a reason she didn't arrive today. Although the real prank would be if she turns out to be a boy. But I digress. God has His timing, and man can do what they can to artificially stall it, but in the end, their efforts will be ineffectual. This coming weekend, take some time...time to slow down, and realize His perfect timing in your life.

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