Gunlover Is Home!!!

>> Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yes that's right ladies & gentlemen, Gunlover is finally home...sadly he's only here until the 17th of April. :( But now that he's home, this blessed bundle I've been carting around internally, can feel free to make an appearance. *directed at belly*I said, you can feel free to make an appearance?!?! Yeah, she's not listening...getting an early start I see. :D

So imagine my surprise when I logged waaaay last night to check and see the events of Home Sanctuary and more specifically Coffee Girl Friday and found out that I'm famous! Hehe. Okay not really, but Rachel mentioned me on her Coffee post...made me smile that people I've never met care what's going on in my life.

That's half the fun in this blogging experience. You may never meet them, you may not know their may not even know what their real names are, but there is a kindred spirit...a sisterhood of bloggers if you will. If you're a member of this sisterhood, or you just love to read our stories, please feel free to say hello. Tell me how your weekend is going...what beverage did you enjoy for Coffee Friday? This morning I enjoyed a French Vanilla coffee with French Vanilla creamer...courtesy of my darling husband. BTW, let me brag on him for a moment. My husband, cleaned the kitchen this morning. All of it. Did dishes, took out the trash, put away groceries, and fixed a broken cabinet. It is good to have a man in the house! And even better that it's my man...haha.

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