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>> Saturday, March 6, 2010

Well this was certainly an eventful week. Sunday I tested out a new church...think I liked it. Monday, nothing much happened. Tuesday, I was on the phone 3 times with the antagonist. She just kept calling...yikes! Wednesday I was on edge waiting to see how my Mom was. Wednesday would have been my grandmother's 67th birthday. Thursday was quiet, but Friday more than made up for it. This morning I had an appointment..the doc isn't sure I'll make it to the 31st. Then I went to Family Dollar to find trashcans, and found an incredible deal. Framed Asian art for $3 a pop. I bought 6 and finally have my empty living room wall decorated. Then I went to Publix and bought more fruit & juice. Then I came home, and set out to do one final slam dunk on the house, before settle down for the duration of my pregnancy. And let me tell you, it was an enormous amount that I got done in one afternoon. And I'm really hurting now...I'm definitely done. I hung up the artwork, cleaned out the dining room, cleaned out the living room & hallway, put flower decorations on Jade's wall, vacuumed the ling room & hallway, and re-shelved my displaced Avon items. Then the Florida batch came in and brought a crib with them. 30 minutes before the arrived, my printer stopped working. Just completely malfunctioned, and nothing I did would work. The lights were lit, even if the printer was turned off. Only unplugging it would stop that, and as soon as it was replugged and turned back on, it would do it again. So they very kindly bought me a new printer. I had been in the process of copying very important paperwork. So it was very much appreciated!

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