Those Little Touches

>> Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So this was actually done a few days ago, but I've been exhausted from my weekend still, so I hadn't posted the pictures. Until my Mom mentioned yesterday that I should post them for a pocket. Yes

So here's the deal, I had a blank wall in living room, that was driving me nuts. I found pictures at a dollar store, for $3 a pop. Already framed. Can't beat that. And glory of glories, they were Asian, which I've wanted to decorate the room in, and the frames were black, which matched the rest of what I've done in there.

Then in Jewel's room, my mother-in-law gave me some flowers to decorate her wall with, so I put them at the head of the bed, trailing down one side. And I realized that a blanket I have for her nap-times (that was folded neatly in the closet) perfectly matched the walls, so I laid it at the end of the bed.

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