7 Quick Takes Friday #5

>> Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm still hanging out in TX. It's a little weird not being my own home, and seeing my neighbors every couple days. But in all this, I've learned something. I actually have my own home now. During my first marriage, 1 thing remained the same. My parents house remained my home. Moving out changed nothing. But for the first time I feel comfortable, loved & cared for. I have begun my own home.

Vacation time is over!!! I took a weeks vacation from medical transcriptions, and now work begins full bore. And I mean work on everything!!! My Mom & I are planning on starting a workout routine together, all in our attempts to Wage War on Frumpiness. I'll be going full-bore on medical transcripts again. I've set up my next weeks schedule on all 3 blogs. And I need to crunch down on reading for the challenges. And then.....
 the church my parents attend is having a weeklong marriage seminar. How very odd that the first marriage seminar I attend, will be without my husband. Oh the life of a military spouse, lol. But I'm excellent at communicating things I learn to him, so best believe he'll hear about everything I learn. We've had a blast doing that before. I read Gary Chapman's The 5 Love Languages to him over Skype. And we learned something in our first 6 months of marriage, that couples 2x our age haven't learned yet.

Speaking of my beloved Gunlover, our anniversary is in less than 1.5 weeks. Amazing!!! I know that in the grand scheme of marriages, 1 year is nothing. But it's my one year, and my gosh it's been an adventure. In this 1st year of marriage, we've been pregnant, had the baby, deployed, journeyed overseas for Thanksgiving, been to Disneyworld, driven 14 hours alone & pregnant, and begun a court battle.

 3 months & 3.5 weeks! That's the magical, approximate time frame before I'll have him in my arms again. Or I'll be in his arms..however that ends up working out. I'm really not picky. I don't think he is either.

Speaking of all the reading challenges that I've taken on, I still need to come up with about 20 YA books. Any suggestions for good books to read? I'm not interested in Twilight, Harry Potter etc. And if you can come up with something that's YA, and a fairly quick read, bonus points. Obviously the faster I can crank these puppies out, the more likely I am to complete the million challenges.

Well Coffee Girls...what can I say? I miss you. I'm not home, so I really can't participate much, but I am keeping an eye out on y'all periodically. I'm still linking up for the fellowship, but I do have a confession. I'm not drinking Coffee right now...I'm enjoying an ice-cold carbonated beverage. I'm not going to advertise...but it does start with a P. And it tastes so much better than that yucky stuff in the red cans that starts with C.

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