Letters to Myself

>> Sunday, June 6, 2010

I got this idea from Kathryn who got it from another blogger named Alysha.

"What would you say to your former self knowing that God has the ultimate plan? Knowing that you can change nothing and only accept the amazing life He has given you?
Would you write to yourself?"

Dear me at nearly 2,
Today you'll get a sister...she will be the first of many siblings. In the future, you'll make a mistake that will cause a slight rift between you two. You won't want to alter the course of that mistake, because something beautiful will come from it, but you will want to handle it better, to prevent that rift.

Dear me at 9,
Today, you'll accept Christ. That same mistake I warned you about earlier will tempt you to stray from the church. It's not the church judging you..it's your guilty conscience. Just repent of the mistake, and stay in church!

Dear me at 15,
You & your Dad are too much a like sometimes. You're both stubborn, and neither one of you ever wants to admit being wrong. Just let it go. You might be right, but the arguments until late in the night aren't worth it. Screaming matches are not honoring or respecting him.

Dear me at 17,
You've met a guy by now. He says he loves you, but he's way to old for you. Plus, he has a secret that you won't discover until it's too late. Don't fight your parents when they try to send siblings as chaperons. The kids might be annoying, but their presence will protect you, I promise!

Dear me at 18,
Get past what happened, and don't let it define your future. You're not damaged goods, and someone will come along who will love you anyway. Normally I'd warn you not go to the first person who pays attention, but I know your future. Something wonderful will come of it. But I do warn you to handle it differently. Mistakes happen. Don't compound it.

Dear me at 19,
You're pregnant....what an adventure! Now, listen carefully.Your first instincts will be to marry for the sake of the child. Do NOT do it. He & his mother are bad people, and they will make things very hard on you. And whatever you do, don't stop going to church. I don't care if it's easier than fighting him to go. Just go alone...but bring her with you. Yeah..you're having a girl.

Dear me at 23,
Okay, it's been a long journey. Bad boyfriends, stress, military service, but you've made it through. You've just met someone. I know you don't like him right now, but you 2 are gonna be great together. I know..you think I'm nuts, but there's more to him than meets the eye. This year will be hard. You're gonna lose Grandmother this year, but things will get better. Be there for Mom...this will be tough on her. You'll separate from the military, and well...you'll see.

Dear me now,
What an adventure! You've got a great husband, who's not abusive, and genuinely loves you more than he can even say. You've got another beautiful little girl, and you're steps away from righting the wrongs of the last 5 years. Hang in there. Stay strong. Gunlover will be home soon. So will Jewel. Don't ever let your mistakes make you feel like you're not saved anymore. You're forgiven, no matter what. Stay close to God..in fact use this time to draw closer to the Lord.

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