A "Typical" Day A SAHM

>> Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I snicker everytime I see the word typical applied to stay at home moms, homeschooling moms, and military spouses. Each of those types has such a complex life, it would be hard to peg down a day as being the typical one. And for those of us who fall into all three categories, things really get nutty! Now homeschooling for me, is just in the planning stages, so fall is when it will get really chaotic.

If I did things the way I always plan, my typical day would go about like this.
Wake up/shower/dress
Spend at least an hour in prayer & meditating on God's Word
Eat breakfast/feed baby
Post on at least 2 of my blogs/update Twitter
Explore new blogs/leave comments until lunchtime
Eat lunch/feed baby
Work on medical transcriptionist training until dinnertime
Eat dinner/feed baby
Enjoy a little TV while planning my next brilliant blog post
Go to bed at a reasonable time

Wonderful, right? Nicely organized, right? Never happen, right?? Yeah...my typical day feels more like a fractured personality disorder in a stream of consciousness journal entry.

Wake up late, because I got to bed late, again. Race to jump in the shower before the baby wakes up, get the water turned on...crap she's up! Go feed the baby, and turn on the TV while I'm feeding her, just because I'm bored, and I'm tired, and I'm afraid I'll try to go back to sleep. Oh look The Sentinel. I haven't seen that show in years...a marathon? What luck! Watch too much TV (guilt!), and suddenly remember I still haven't had a shower. Glance at the baby, pray she'll stay sleeping, run for the shower and take the worlds quickest version. Get dressed, remember I didn't eat breakfast, and I feed the baby, so I need to get some nutrients quick. (guilt!) Scarf down some food, praying I'll finish eating before she wakes up again. Baby wakes up half way through and I spend the rest of the meal juggling her on one hip, standing in front of the kitchen counter eating the rest of the food, trying to calm either myself or the baby down. (But never both..it takes too much energy, and and since it's only 11am, it ain't lookin' good!) I never turned off the TV when I hightailed it for the shower, so the marathon is still running and I get hooked into another show. Suddenly I realize I never posted on my blog yet, and rumor has it the most readers look in the morning. Ugh! Go try to think of some brilliant post while I'm feeding the baby. Meanwhile my Skype goes off, because overseas my husband has just come back from work, and is calling me. So while I'm talking to him, I try to read one of the books I'm supposed to be reviewing for my other blog. He asks if I've eaten lunch, no not yet, I didn't eat breakfast 'till 11. (guilt!) I go to fix lunch......

Okay you get the idea. Don't forget that later I'll feel guilty because I'll suddenly realize I forgot to spend time with God that morning, I didn't get nearly as much studying on medical transcriptions done as I wanted too, and I will fall asleep with the baby and wake up wondering if I should have gotten something done while she was sleeping. I would think I'm just a sad example of motherhood, but I've talked to enough of my friends, and seen enough Mommy blogs to be certain of this: the typical life of a typical Mom is anything but typical.

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