Top Ten {Tuesday}: Ten Changes To the 2nd Half of the Year

>> Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Alright everyone! I've got some changes coming to the blog, and coming to my life, so here's a sneaky peek into the ever shifting SpitFire plane of When you're doing cringing, and being thankful your life is so peaceful (roflol!), link up with the fabulous Amanda at the really nifty button above.

1. Jewel
Okay, for those who've been curious what I'm alluding to, mystery solved. It's a very, very long story, which I will go into further detail later on when all is said & done, but someone took my daughter from me 4 years ago. I'm finally getting my day in court. Today. So if you could please pray that justice would prevail, and my daughter will be permanently returned to me, I will be eternally grateful.

2. I'm strongly considering switching platforms.
Blogger is good for a start, but I'm really thinking about getting more serious, and in that vein I'm thinking of switching my platform. I've received some great feedback that makes me think I might be able to do this more full time. Currently I'm considering Typepad or Wordpress..looking at the pros and cons of each. Any thoughts?

3. I'm working on branding myself, so....
I'm probably getting my own domain name. I'm looking over options for hosts, and names and I'll keep you posted, so that you can update your links appropriately. I have a couple names I'm considering. Anyone have any snazzy suggestions?

4. To get serious about my blogging,
I'm going through ProBlogger's 31 Days To A Better Blog. If you've taken it, please let me know how it went for you. If you've never taken it, but are interested, I'll let you know how it goes. :) Or hopefully you'll see the dramatic improvements.

5. I get to start homeschooling for the first time this year.
I've never done it before, and the rules are different all over the country. So I'm researching the laws on HSLDA's website but if any of y'all are in Georgia, and y'all are homeschoolers, please email me and help me out with this.

6. I get to have my full family this fall.
I'll have Jewel back soon, and Gunlover will return this fall. For the first time I'll have a fully functional family of my own. (My parents/siblings are functional..I mean my own branches.)

7. I will hopefully be a student myself!
Thanks to my service in the military, I have 100% coverage on a Bachelors degree through the Montgomery GI Bill. I just have to figure out which think I want to study first.

8. I  will be picking up some new skill sets over the fall/winter.
I sing all the time, but I have minimal instrumental skills. So I plan to get a program to learn how to play the piano. Then I'd like to finish learning how to play my guitar..any recommendations on how to do that? I also want to start learning a new language, and learn how to sew.

9. I'll know what stuff I'm made of.
As of the middle of October, I will have survived the first overseas tour of our marriage. And I will have survived a pregnancy nearly alone. Raised the baby from birth through about 6 months, without him. Driven 14 hours across country, on my first year with a license, pregnant and alone. And survived the court case to get Jewel back, without him here. I will know precisely what I'm made of, and what our marriage is made of. And so far? I think we're gonna be fine. :)

10.   Once I finish the in-law tour, I'll be learning more about my purpose.
When I was in the military, I desperately wanted to know my purpose. And I asked questions, and learned, until I knew what my purpose there was. But I need to put that same effort into learning what God's purpose for me is. Why did I go through this with Jewel? Is it to help someone else? Will my testimony keep someone else from making my mistakes? Or suffering what I've suffered? Will I be able to help domestic abuse victims stop the cycle, and stop being a victim? I need to spend some time on my  knees, alone with God, in quiet spaces, and learn what His goals for my life are.

Alright now the fun really begins! What changes are you making for the 2nd half of this year? Leave me a comment, or post your own list at Amanda's website. (*hint hint* it's the pretty button up there!)

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