MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #2/Defense of Memes

>> Friday, July 2, 2010

Okay my title is a bit reversed, because I'm going to defend memes. If you just came here, you're not sure what a meme is, there's a great explanation here. I've seen comments and rants on other blogs, saying that memes are impersonal and they prefer when you learn something about someone. I think it depends on how it's done. Fine, you may not always learn something personal from "Wordless Wednesday" but if you pay attention, yes you do. "Wordless Wednesday" is rarely completely wordless. Usually you get an explanation about that picture, or why they posted it. Which means you learn something from that picture.

With Top Ten {Tuesday} you've learned reasons why I'm tired, places I'd like to see, and how I feel about my husband to name a few. Last Friday there was a meme on breakfast. Lame you think? You learned I don't like PopTarts, and that I rarely eat breakfast, but if you want to coax me into eating it, Belgian waffles will always work. That's not personal? It's as personal as it gets. I'm not going to defend people who do nothing but memes on their blog, or even those who primarily do it, but I'm certainly not going to stop doing a few memes because someone got ruffled. Hang in there guys! You will always learn something about  me from my posts.

Now onto this weeks MilSpouse Friday Fill-In, so I can answer some more personal questions. :D

1. Tell us about your dream job… one that you could do regardless of pay.
Being Mrs. Gunlover...oh snap! Got that one already..okay seriously. Probably something to do with music. I'm always at my happiest when I can sing. When I was in the military I sang the National Anthem several times. When I'm visiting my parents for a while, I get to sing in the church choir again. And I'm really hoping to have opportunities to sing once I'm back in GA.

2. What is your most prized material possession (kids and pets don’t count!)?
My wedding band is for sure one. I don't know that I necessarily prize my computer or my phone, but I would certainly be lost without them. I talk to my family on the phone all the time, and my husband on the computer every night.

3. What has been your favorite duty station and why?
We've only been to 2. Holloman AFB, NM & now we're in GA. So, definitely here. If we'd been stationed at Kirtland AFB, NM it might have been harder to pick, but as reality stands, it's the one in Georgia. Because Holloman was in the Tularosa Basin, which means we missed out on all the rain & snow. All the pretty weather was up in the mountains about 30 minutes away. We had sand storms. Nothing is less fun that walking to work in combat boots, full uniform, 103 degree weather, and sand blowing in your direction.

4. What is your least favorite household chore?
I'm really not crazy about cleaning the kitchen. I'll clean bathrooms, I'll vacuum, I'll fold & iron laundry in a heartbeat, but I really just don't get into cleaning the kitchen. I don't like cleaning the refrigerator, or taking out the trash, or washing yeah that pretty much eliminates all of the kitchen.

5. If you could give one piece of advice to a teenager today (not specifically a MilTeen), what would it be?
Okay my advice mostly applies to female teenagers, but can be applied to boys also. If you're mistreated by your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, fiance..(whatever!) don't put up with it. Don't add to the fire by being ugly in return, but make it clear that you're worth more than that. Don't put up with crap from so-called "friends" either.

Alright what are your answers??? Link up with Wifey and let us know. :)

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