7 Quick Takes Friday #1

>> Friday, March 19, 2010

Company girls welcome! Hope you are enjoying your Coffee Friday. :) Once again, I will ask the question, what beverage are you enjoying today with your blog explorations? Tea? Coffee? Cocoa? Soda? If you're enjoying a tasty treat with your choice beverage, feel free to share that as well...pregnant women like talking about food..hehe.


I'm really excited that Gunlover will be home soon! It is a little over 5 days until he gets here. For him, there's only 4 days left. This child is squirming around..I think she's excited too!


Babies are cute, no matter how many you've seen, or how impending your own is. I held the neighbor baby yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. And I think babies can sense each other...cause my kiddo rolled over and kicked him..poor thing!


Dumb things sometimes happen for a reason. Apx 1.5 months ago, I had severe prego-brain, and locked myself out of the house. I knocked on my neighbors door, and she kindly housed me until the realtor came (hours later), and unlocked my door. We have since hit it off, been out to eat several times, went to the craft store yesterday, and were up until 4am just having girl time with our other neighbor.


God's perfect peace is an incredible blessing in difficult times. The antagonist went off the grid for a few days...shortly after we dispatched a demand letter to her, informing her that we require custody be given back to me, or should this go to court we will revoke all of her (non-existent) grandparent rights. However it didn't worry me. I'm a veteran, with an active duty husband, with guaranteed insurance/housing/income, in training for a work-from-home job, vs. an alcoholic, pain-med-addicted, bitter woman in a broken-down trailer.


God's mercy is extended to all, and I'm grateful that He keeps that in my mind. Again, this helps with the perfect peace. Despite all that the antagonist has put me through, I'm not angry with her. She upsets me, frustrates me, makes me sad, but I don't hate her. I actually feel sorry for her. She dearly needs the love of God in her life, and my family & I pray continually that she would find Him. She's about to be at her lowest point...in that place, you either wallow in your self-destruction, or you climb out through the grace of God. We sincerely pray for the latter.


Good friends & family are a Godsend in these times. My aforementioned neighbors are Christian women, and mothers at that. So rather than merely being shocked at my situation, they hurt for me in a way that only mothers can. I hear it in my own mothers voice when we discuss how things are going. Knowing that others are pulling for me, praying for me, and sincerely desire for me to come out on top, makes all the difference.


God is awesome!!! I finally received my VA paperwork, and I will be receiving a paycheck for the rest of my life. Now while being "disabled" may not seem like a good thing, extra money is absolutely extra money, and we believe with all our hearts that beloved Jewel will be returned to us soon, so this feels like God providing us extra income for extra expenses.

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