Loss & Restoration

>> Monday, March 22, 2010

This theme is reverberating in my soul today. It'll be in my family's thoughts around this time of year for a while. But for me, it takes on additional weight. My grandmother passed away on the 31st of this month, last year. It's also my due date this year. Birth for death.
Today is Jewels birthday. I gave birth to her on a Tuesday afternoon 5 years ago. But this is also painful timing, because 4 years ago, she was taken from us. A series of deceptive & manipulative events by someone who had a problem with us, combined with the antagonists knowledge of the judicial system, and our naivete, culminated in our daughter being removed. Later on, her dad revealed more of his true colors and I divorced him to protect Jewel. But his mom let him move back in with her.
I'm with Gunlover now..he's an incredible man. He loves God, loves me, and absolutely adores Jewel. Jewel took to him almost immediately. We have felt like this year God is going to return her to us. And God has moved in incredible ways to provide & pave the way for that return. We lost her over 4 years ago, but she will be restored to us soon.

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