7 Quick Takes Friday #2

>> Friday, April 9, 2010

Company girls welcome! Hope you are enjoying your Coffee Friday. :) We're at that weekly question....what beverage of choice, are you enjoying today? I'm enjoying a lovely chilled soda...mmm caffeine. My daughter is having no problems sleeping, so I'm apparently finding the right balance that keeps me awake, but her sleeping!


As you know, Bunny greeted the world Sunday night. My little Easter princess! Jewel found out about her today, and is dying to meet her. Please pray my little girl gets to come home soon!


If you have good in-laws, then thank God for them! The more I struggle with my ex-mother-in-law, the more grateful I am, that not only was I blessed with an incredible husband this time, but that he has a great family as well.


Spring, Easter, Bunny...all mark new beginnings. This is on the brain. Getting Jewel back will mark a new chapter in our family. Having Gunlover back from his tour (please come soon October) will mark a new chapter in our marriage. This is a new season!!!


Along with the changes to the family, I'm looking forward to my own personal changes. While Gunlover is completing his tour, I'll be taking the opportunity to get back in shape from Bunny. I'm also working on the reading challenge, and I'm planning on using the time to pick up a new hobby, skill or something!


High on the scale of randomness, but hey..it's my blog right? I hate stupid commercials, and I'm really grateful to whoever invented the DVR. I realize this every time I watch live TV, cause if I never saw another commercial for "male enhancement products", birth control, "feminine hygiene" or a certain seafood company who likes risque or obnoxious campaigns..it would be too soon!!!


I love having Gunlover home...I feel really sorry for people who don't get along with their spouse. My dearest leaves again for Korea on the 17th. I broke down crying the other night, realizing how much he'll miss. He'll be gone for 5.5 months of Bunny's life, my 25th birthday, his 24th birthday, our 1 year anniversary, my court battle to get Jewel back...so much that I really wish he was going to be here for. These days only stand to make our marriage stronger though. And thank God for the inventor of the webcam!


Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. I'm thankful for my awesome family, both blood & married in. I'm thankful that I had a successful delivery, and that I'm healing quickly. I'm thankful that she's a healthy baby, and her cord is also healing quickly. I'm thankful that Gunlover was home for her birth, and is getting to spend some time with her before he leaves again. I'm thankful that God provides, no matter what the situation is.

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