Pregnancy & the Male Brain

>> Monday, April 12, 2010

I noticed Redhead Riter is posting today concerning men's perspectives on late-life pregnancy. I love the meme idea, but seeing as we just had our 2nd child, I'm not sure my husband could picture our children being grown.

However, it reminded me of a conversation I had with Gunlover the other day. Let me start by saying, men have the strangest perspectives on things. Bunny is his first child. He considers Jewel to be his daughter also, but this is his first experience with the whole process. And apparently, he didn't have much curiosity concerning his Moms pregnancies, so there have been a lot of things for him to learn.

He had no clue how epidurals work...even after me receiving one (I was having terrible back labor), he still didn't know what the process entailed. So when I got up from the couch and commented on how the stitches hurt getting up and down, he joked that perhaps life would be easier if I just peed in a bag. I stuck my tongue out, and told him I'd had enough of that at the hospital. That caught him completely off guard, because he hadn't even noticed. Then he wanted to know why I'd been cathed. I gave him a funny look, and pointed out that it would be hard to get up to go to the bathroom, with my legs numb. He had no idea that the epidural numbed you from the waist down. He thought that it numbed where the baby came out, and that was it. Just as I think we're having a good educational conversation, he looks up with a flash of inspiration and says "oh! That's why you had gas so bad."

Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen...the whole labor process, and his defining memory is that I had uncontrollable gas. His explanation being, that he thought it was "cute" that I kept apologizing for it. I will never understand men...he experienced the miracle of birth for the first time, and gas is still a defining feature of his memories. Lesson learned - potty humor never gets old for boys, no matter how old the boys may be.

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