Tell the Truth Thursday - Worst/Best Habits

>> Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tell The Truth Thursday

Alright! I'm having fun with blog memes this week. I think I settled on 3 I really like though, one of which I found on Redhead Riter's blog.

This weeks question is "What are your worst and best habits??"

Let's see, my worst habit is over thinking things. For years I've had people tell me to go with my instincts, or not to second guess myself. It still hasn't sunk in. Plus I have a slightly anxious personality and when I'm stressed or worrying about things, then I really tend to second guess everything!

Best habit? Hmm, well as a side effect of my over thinking things, I'm great about making sure things are done properly. I double check our budget, make sure the doors are My worst and best habit are linked.

Okay Mom, help me out here!!! I hate figuring out my worst/best

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