7 Quick Takes Friday #3

>> Friday, April 23, 2010

Welcome Coffee girls! What beverage are you enjoying on this fine Friday? I hope the weather is as beautiful for you, as it is for me today. We're enjoying sunshine and warm weather, but I hear we have rain tomorrow. Well here goes with this weeks 7 Quick Takes.


I really miss Gunlover being here, but I feel better now that I can see him. For me, the hardest part is while he's in the air, and I can't talk to him and know he's okay. Now that I can see and talk to him every night when he gets off work, it's a lot easier to handle.


We need prayers for funding. We're literally 1 step away from finally being able to go to court for Jewel. But we need transcripts from another case the antagonist was involved in, and the darn things are $750. We need prayers that funding will be provided for the transcripts, and for Bunny & I to travel home to finally have my other baby with me.


I also need prayers that I find a church. I'm having a really hard time, because I have very specific guidelines for the kind of church I want. I have/had an AWESOME church back home, so it set the bar really high.


I'm really stressing out, and trying not to...ever have those days? Of course you have..everyone has. I'm pray for the perfect peace right now. I'm closer than I've ever been, to having Jewel back, and I'm incredibly excited, and I'm frustrated too. The closer I get, the harder this is. I know I'll have her back soon. It's been 4 long years, but God has been paving the way.


I love having a baby around again...the baby smell, the sweet snuffly sounds they make. But kids are fun at any age..my neighbor has a 2 year old with most hilarious laugh...my 8 year old sister cracks me up with the unique clothing combinations to tries to get away with (usually for church). Take time today, to enjoy each of your kids for what makes them fun. Feel free to share one of your favorite things about your kids. :)


Alright ladies..I need some life in my house. Any ideas for pretty indoor plants, that don't require tons of upkeep?


This weekend, I'll be getting things more organized. I plan to set up my to-do's for the week, as well as sitting down and menu planning. What's your weekend game plan?

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