Yay! Lots done!!!

>> Sunday, February 28, 2010

Okay, again today wasn't very exciting for visual stimuli, but I'm pleased with what I got done. I've had boxes sort of half unpacked in various rooms of the house. I got the living room cleaned up, the kitchen cleaned up, the dining room cleaned up, and the hallway. And let me tell you, each of those rooms brought their own challenge.

In cleaning the living room, I noticed how dirty the fireplace was, so I cleaned it out. I got ash all over my arms, and all over my clothes, lol. My first time cleaning out a fireplace, but it's done now!

When I cleaned up the dining room I found out that 2 of the plastic pegs holding up shelves in my shrunk, had broken, so now I need to evaluate the shelving and determine if I need to have less items on the shelves, or if I need to replace them with metal pegs. Or both, lol.

The kitchen I discovered that there were dishes that needed to be done, and my sink was in need of a good scrub. Now even Flylady would be impressed with my sink, lol. That was about as far as I ever made it with her anyway.

And then there's the hallway...okay so the hallway didn't really challenge me much. I just found out that I have more laundry to do..yay! Not. Oh well, on the bright side, I've done nearly everything left to do on the house, yesterday I did a massive laundry run. Now at nearly 36 weeks, I plan to nest. Chill at my house, and only my house. Except for those nuisance doctor appointments of course. :)


Update on my pockets :)

>> Friday, February 26, 2010

My pockets as of late, haven't been the stuff that makes very good pictures. :) Yesterdays pocket consisted of me getting all the unpacked moving boxes out of the house, and get them to the trash. I recently moved and my trash goes out on Friday. Unfortunately for the first few weeks, Friday was all I could remember, so I wasn't getting my trash out until, you guessed it, Friday. Which of course was too late. I finally got them out there last night, and when I woke up this morning, they were gone. Like magic. Yay!
Today's journey involved fixing my phone. I'm 35 weeks along, and my husband is in Korea, so I keep my cell phone near me at all times. Unfortunately, this led to my cell phone being accidentally knocked into the bathtub. Yuck! Thank God, I have insurance on it. But my new phone won't be here until Monday or Tuesday. Today I mourn the loss of my other arm, my lifeline, my boredom buster...okay so it's a little dramatic. It is however, my business number, so this is frustrating! Today, I had my doctors appointment, a visit to the cell phone store, just to discover that I needed to file an insurance claim on it, called the insurance provider, made the claim, contacted the customer care department of the printing service that screwed up my t-shirt I just purchased, and then I napped. Yep, that's right. Pregnancy kicked in, and as of 2 in the afternoon, I was pooped. So I slept, and now I'm up at midnight...wide awake. Oh the sleep cycles of the pregnant, and new mothers. We have fun!


Todays Pocket

>> Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Okay, I'm exhausted now..I rearranged, unpacked and decorated my daughters room, all in one day. This was a HUGE pocket!!!!

I'm simply going to post the before pics, then the after pics..no story really required.


Long day....1 pocket accomplished..lol

>> Friday, February 19, 2010

Okay so technically I got a few things done today. Just felt like I got nothing done. We're military and currently at separate locations. He got stationed in Korea, while we got sent to his follow-on location in Georgia. I was given POA, and a set of his orders showing that we're assigned here, but I can't get anything done because heeee's not assigned here. Ugh!

So I fought with the housing office trying to get a waver for my utility deposit (which we are authorized, being military), but they wouldn't help because he won't be here until October. This also means that we're still getting the housing allotment for our old base, rather than for this base. This would be aggravating enough normally, but being pregnant, it really got on my nerves.

I did however get my library card, so I can start taking out the reading challenge (woot!), and I got my trash taken out (too bad I forgot today was trash day so it's not gone, just outside..lol). I learned that Security Forces on this base doesn't know where anything is, that base housing is a pain, and that pregnancy hormones really will make you cry at the slightest provocation...and that chicken nuggets can make you feel better no matter what..:)


My pocket for today

>> Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So, looking around this house, I have a lot of pockets I could do. After all, I'm still moving in. However, on top of the general weariness of moving, I've got a baby coming soon, and I've been sick. Yuck! So obviously, some days are better than others. Today is a not day.
I took some nighttime cold/sinus stuff last night, and when I woke up (coughing up everything that had been chilling while I slept) at 5 something in the morning, I felt so lousy I took another dose. Then my phone went off a few times early in the am, my doorbell rang with an unexpected package, and my husband called when he got back to his dorm in Korea. all that meant my sleep cycle was severely thrown off, so I didn't wake up until after noon sometime.
So today, I'm looking around, and I realize that even though it's one of the smallest pockets, one of the things that annoys me the most right now, is my Avon stash. I have several boxes of supplies, all of which are laying in my dining room floor, half of which are partly or fully emptied on to said floor. So today's project is to clean up that disaster, so that should someone need to make a purchase, or request a brochure, I can actually figure out where those items are. Pictures will be posted later.

As promised, the photos:
This is what it looked like before...scattered all over my dining room floor.

This is afterwards, when I neatly organized everything in my shrunk. Still in the dining room, but much neater. Now I just need customers. Speaking of customers, I was very excited...no more had I finished this project than my phone rang, with my first (non-family) customer!!! And because I had just organized this, I knew exactly where the correct brochure was, and was able to get this taken care of simply and easily.


Reading Challenges

>> Monday, February 15, 2010

Okay, so I'm going to follow my Mom's suit (again!), and jump into some of these reading challenges. I need to start by getting a library card for my new location...ahh the joys of moving. So weather & health permitting, I'll go do that tomorrow, and then I'll come back and edit this list to show the books I've obtained.

I love that all these challenges can cross over each other! I should get a lot more reading done this year than I did last year..which is something I've wanted to get back to...I used to read a lot more, but the military kept me busy.

I'm going to participate in the following challenges:

100+ Reading Challenge: You just have to read 100 books by the end of the year.
Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge: There's multiple levels, but I'm aiming for Super Size Me, where you have to check out (and read) 100 books from the library by years end.
Speculative Fiction Reading Challenge: This includes fantasy, sci-fi, etc. The highest level only requires 24, and it crosses over with other challenges. :)
Young Adult Reading Challenge, as few as 12, or as many as 75.
Thriller & Suspense Challenge: I wasn't going to sign up, thinking I've probably got enough challenges already, but when I peeked and saw it only takes 12? Awww yeah...I'm a reading sucker.

Okay, here's the list of ones I've knocked out so far. All of the books qualify for the regular 100+ challenge. L means Library Challenge, SF means Speculative Fiction (ha could stand for Sci-Fi too), YA is the Young adult challenge, and T/S is the Thriller & Suspense.

What Not To Wear by Trinny Woodall & Susannah Constantine (L)
Style 101 by Editors of Style Magazine (L)
Blink of An Eye by Ted Dekker (awesome by the way!!!) (L, T/S)


Goal Setting

So today was my "figuring things out" day. I've been feeling icky today, and had a lot on my mind. I did sit down and figure out a room-by-room account of what needs done. While I go through the rooms, I'm going to figure out what small items need purchased for those rooms. I don't even mean decorative items, but necessary items that will improve quality of life, as well as make it easier to keep the room cleaned.

So for accountability, I've included the list of what needs done below. Then starting tomorrow, I'll attack the list, and I'll try to remember to take before/after pictures.

Jade's Room:
Unpack the boxes & put her clothes in the dresser.
Put the sheets on her bed.
Hang whatever decorations we currently have for her.

Baby's Room:
Unpack the boxes.
Set up the swing.

Living Room:
Clear the floor, especially the edges where clutter has collected.
Move the mirrors to the garage for now.
Declutter the shelves.
Take pictures of the fairies & put them up for sale.

Dining Room:
Clear the floor.
Move the boots from the shrunk, and put our pics/certificates on it.

Go through the last of the boxes.
Clear off the counters & clean them up.
Clean the fridge & microwave.
Rearrange the pantry.

Laundry Room:
Go through the big box of misc stuff.
Wipe down the washer/dryer.

Master Bedroom:
Fold/unpack/wash etc. the rest of the clothes, and put them away.
Clean up the desk, and bed shelves.
Take a picture of the bed, attempt to drain it, and put it up for sale.

Then I need to go through the house and mop all the hard floors, and vacuum all the carpet.


Credit Where Credit Is Due

>> Sunday, February 14, 2010

I've been struggling for a blog theme. It's something that always seems appealing to me, but I never can come up with any ideas. But then, after reading my Mom's latest blog post (link below), it occurred to me, that I'm probably not alone. And it's not just blogging that it applies to. I have a long list of goals that I want to accomplish, but I spend more time dreaming, than living.

This year, it's time to start making the changes that I've always wanted to make. Learn the things I want to learn, do the things I want to do. So this next season of my life, is about accomplishments.

The inspiration was a post that my Mom made on her blog, about creating pockets of beauty & order. The challenge seems to be part FlyLady, part Alexandra Stoddard, fully enthusiastic & borderline crazy. The perfect combination! Check it out for yourself...

The post that started it all!


About This Blog

Hello there! I'm SpitFire, and somehow you've stumbled across my corner of the world. Currently that corner is in Georgia where I'm waiting for my husband (Gunlover) to return from his tour in Korea. We have 2 beautiful daughters, Jewel & Bunny.

The life of a military spouse is one that requires flexibility & patience. With Gunlover periodically deployed, I needed something to help pass the time. When my Mom started blogging more frequently, it occurred to me that perhaps I should check into the world of blogs.

What started off slowly & painfully is quickly becoming an addiction. My blog is a narration of my journey to create a better life. It's not about the overall goal, but the little steps taken towards that goal.

My interests are numerous and diverse. I enjoy music, reading, learning random trivia, creating lists, and raising my daughters. I have a fondness for 80's music, and crime-solving TV shows (fictional).

Because of my multiple interests, and my generally random nature this blog will cover a variety of topics. They will all relate to my personal journey in one way or another however.

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